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Workforce Development Specialists Apprenticeship

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Interview with Jasmin Scales 

Discover the transformative power of mentorship through the inspiring journey of mentee Jasmin Scales. In an insightful interview with Chief Executive Officer Roshunda Buchanan, Jasmin shares her experience with the Find Your Design Career & Leadership program. Learn how our program, coupled with dedicated mentorship, has guided Jasmin along a path to success in her career. Her story exemplifies the profound impact of mentorship in shaping professional trajectories and fostering personal growth. 

Empowering Excellence 

Lean Six Sigma Pre-Apprenticeship Training,  Facilitated by Dr. Derek Henson, Founder of the Henson Consortium". 

Find Your Design


Find Your Design (FYD) offers professional
development training and a entrepreneurship
program. Our goal is to offer soft skills training
and development to our participants


This program component provides students with
general, practical, hands -on marketable skills
that will equip them for internship placements
and entry -level employment in customer
service, retail, and administration.

Find Your Design

Career Track & Leadership

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